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Addendum submitted for Linfairn Wind Farm

WilloWind Energy Ltd, the developer behind the proposed Linfairn Wind Farm near Straiton, has announced that it has submitted an addendum to the application.

In September 2013, the company made an application to the Scottish Government under Section 36 of the Electricity Act to build a 25 turbine wind farm with a site capacity of 62.5 MW.

During the first half of 2014, following feedback from statutory consultees and the local communities and taking account of the potential environmental impacts, the company decided to reduce the scheme by removing the northern leg of six turbines closest to the village of Straiton. WilloWind proceeded to consult further with statutory consultees and local communities on the remaining southern leg, culminating in the submission of the addendum for a 17 turbine wind farm with a site capacity of 54.4MW in December 2014.

Commenting on the addendum submission, Suki Atwal, a director of WilloWind Energy, said: “We have been engaged in a dialogue with local communities and key stakeholders over the last 18 months and are pleased to have now submitted the addendum. I believe the proposed scheme is one that addresses the main concerns of the local communities and the statutory consultees.

”We will continue to engage through our Community Liaison Forum, which will provide a point of access for discussion on both the application and our community benefit proposals.  Our community benefit package of £5,000 for every MW consented would provide an income stream of over £250,000 a year for the 25 year life cycle of the wind farm.  Linfairn Wind Farm would provide a real boost to the local economy and to local community schemes and we will be guided by our discussions with the community on how best that can be done.”

Other information about WilloWind can be found at www.willowindenergy.co.uk

Willowind are planning to hold a public information day covering the addendum submission and revised layout in the near future. 



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